[blag-devel] What now?

Abdur-Rahman Morgan arm at tearms.org
Fri Sep 26 03:58:28 CDT 2014

Francesco Cardi

On 09/25/2014 04:06 PM, Francesco Cardi wrote:
>> The size would be the combined size of the 32 and 64-bit iso, so about
>> 1.4GB. No 210000 development isos yet and if you have a 32/64-bit Pre-Alpha
>> of MATE or GNOME, feel free to test the script out and experiment.
> I found the 64 bit version, maybe the fedora project don´t want th
> develop to 32 bit.
> probably we must develop a alpha release the same release but also
> with kernel 32 bit
> what do you mean? or think?
> http://distrowatch.com/?newsid=08611
If you need the 32-bit version, get it from the Fedora Project site.

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