[blag-devel] BLAG 210000 Initial Build Notes

Abdur-Rahman Morgan arm at tearms.org
Sun Oct 12 13:34:03 CDT 2014

Good Day!

I had a bit of time today pull the spin-kickstarts from the Fedora git 
and did a quick build using the latest F21 kernels from the freed-ora 21 
testing repository. The fedora packages right now are from rawhide

I added some notes to the BLAG 210000 Development ticket[0] if anyone 
wants to take a look.

I've pasted any output from livecd-creator regarding packages on the CD 
based on the kickstarts, but they do not deviate much from Fedora at 
this points. I've noted what usually needs to modified to remove 
trademarks and what usually become request for art, icons an graphics in 
once the initial apps are decided on. The spin is for the MATE build[1], 
but I've created documents for GNOME[2], XFCE[3], LXDE[4].

I'll upload kickstarts to be pulled using git later this month. This 
MATE build was 750MB with the default kickstarts. Icecat, which now is 
represented in the Fedora repo was included and would bring the CD below 
700MB if replaced with Midori.

There is a workstation kickstart based on Fedora workstation, but the 
main desktop kickstarts still remain present.


Abdur-Rahman Morgan


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