[blag-users] I'm done with...

Abdur-Rahman Morgan arm at tearms.org
Sat May 24 07:27:21 CDT 2014

The initial release

...the initial BLAG 200000 Pre-Alpha isos[0,1]. They serve as a
preview for the base applications for the next release of the MATE and
GNOME Desktops. What you'll find are

*32-bit and 64-bit iso images under 700MB(with the exception of the
64-bit GNOME iso).

*Partial branding. Logos and other customization are in the works.

*Repository for blag setup upon install. Packages will be coming soon,
but there are none to install as of yet.

Contribute your Feedback

If you have the time to sign into the forums and post under the
development[2] thread which has been setup for this topic, it will
provide a means for everyone to participate.

If you're short on time, just reply to the respective mailing list and
I'll see your feedback in either case. This release is designed as a
community preview. BLAG is not dead, however our community is very
dormant and I'm motivated to see you participate in any way you are capable.

I'm planning on refining packages to get the kickstarts to make the
GNOME iso under 700MB. XFCE and LXDE isos will follow next month.

Things that Need Work

In respect to branding, I'd like to find a new set of icons, backgrounds
and other customization for the default, leaving the really little guys
icons set that and branding as sets which have defined our  previous
releases. I'd like to see some newer contributions by the community,
including suggestions for newer themes, logos and icons that are
symbolic for the principles that define the distribution. I've been
previewing different sets on Gnome Look[3] and Deviant Art[4], but in no
way am I limiting myself to these.

The plans for the repository include using upstream packages as have
been done in the past.

It's been about two months and this is a first step. In March, I setup
up a few tickets in trac[5] to help determine where I had hoped we would
be at. There is still much to be done and your support is appreciated.

Enjoy your weekend!



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