[blag-users] BLAG 200000 Alpha

Abdur-Rahman Morgan arm at tearms.org
Thu Oct 23 08:22:27 CDT 2014

Good Day All!

The BLAG 200000 Alpha of GNOME, LXDE, MATE and XFCE are ready for 
download[0]. There is also a MINI, which I'll explain shortly.

In the respective architecture folders, you'll find the kickstart files 
used in developing the LiveCD. Some have expressed interest in how the 
LiveCD is created. An explanation is provided with documentation[1] 
available. The process of getting the CD under 700MB for GNOME and MATE 
is more about package selection and during the November discussions, 
I'll go into more detail and update the wiki entry.

It's more important however, that a base kickstart is available, so 
we're not always starting from scratch, so please download and 
experiment. These will be packaged and put into the repo.

What's changed since the PreAlpha?

The repo works without having to download the second version of the 
blag-release package.

Replaced FVWM with Openbox

I've added:
soundrecorder to ensure that a recording package was available on the 
CD. audacity was to large

labyrinth to provide a different tool for representing information.
xpad to provide quick notes

The LXDE, MINI and XFCE CD's are available to allow you to start on the 
DE/WM of choice and provide smaller downloads for those who need it.

The MINI was developed for a text install by running liveinst --text 
once logged in. However, anaconda, fails from the livecd when trying to 
install and I'm exploring the creation of an install CD that will allow 
a minimal installation and network installation as well. However, 
anaconda, does allow installation over VNC, which I plan on testing with 
the MINI.

How about the 200000 repository?

My e-mail yesterday was focused on enabling groups when searching yum 
and also being able to do group package installs. On the PreAlpha, 
groups were non-existent if you ran yum grouplist. yum, now populates 
with all available and environment groups, however, some errors still 
occur when trying to install some groups, so work still needs to be done 
on the repo. As for installing individual packages, this should not be 

Where can I use your help?
In providing feedback with testing the iso, both on virtual machines and 
physical hardware, if you have any extra machine that is not in use.

The Alpha still has Fedora branding in some areas. On the GNOME iso, it 
is most recognizable and I'm working on the initial start up. I'll be 
adding the jericho-backgrounds to replace the current 
heisenbug-backgrounds and I plan to remove all of fedora's prior release 
backgrounds packages in lieu of image contributions, by those who want 
to add art as well.

Problems with the repo? Please post to the mailing list and if you come 
across non-free packages that need to be removed. I am aware of the 
firmware packages currently listed and they will be removed in an 
upcoming sync.

Create a trac account and e-mail me, so that I can enable you to create 
and modify tickets. Due to spam, this is the process for trac and the wiki.

Beta Release
 From your feedback, I'd like to provide a beta, in a much shorter time 
span between the PreAlpha and Alpha. I will spend the rest of this week 
packaging the basic branding and based on the feedback, I'll address 
those issues and welcome your help.

Thank you for all those who are able to download, test and provide 
feedback. The home and download page will be updated with the release 
information between now and Monday.

Enjoy your day ahead!



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