[blag-users] "X server failed to start"

Harsha Godavari h.godavari at shaw.ca
Mon Sep 19 11:18:12 CDT 2016

I have installed Blag140k on an Acer laptop. There are three OSes on this laptop, Dragora, Blag and WinXP. All booting under Lilo. Both WinXP and Dragora start and run fine. However when I tried to boot Blag I get an error message, " X server failed to start". 

Live cds of both Dragora and Blag run fine. No problems. Both install fine. 

Here is the hd configuration: 

sda1 : WinXP 
sda2 : Swap 
sda5 : Blag 140k 
sda6 : Dragora 2.2 

Lilo (from Dragora) installed in the MBR . 
Grub (from Blag) installed in the first sector (?) of sda5 . 

When I choose Blag from Lilo's boot menu, it starts and partway through, it hangs with this message: 
First Boot Error : X server failed to start 
TraceBack (most recent call last) : 
File "/usr/sbin/FirstBoot" , line 168, in module Config.Frontend.Start () 
File,"/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/firstboot/xfrontend.py", line 98, in Start raise RuntimeError," X server failed to start" 
Runtime Error :X server failed to start 

I would appreciate any help solving this problem. Thanks for your help. 

harsha godavari 
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